The MSM has only one story today. When will Trump concede and how are you feeling today Joe? This is easy to understand. In every previous election the odds of the results being overturned by a recount are extremely low. It only happens when the difference in votes is miniscule. That is why so many people are convinced that Trump has lost. Few expect recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, or Pennsylvania to change anything. Jill Biden is measuring drapes in the Oval Office.

But 2020 is not a normal year and this is far from a normal election. For months, the MSM told us Joe was way ahead in the polls, guaranteed to win. Everyone one of those polls was wrong. Every prediction was wrong.  They expected a huge blue wave that would help Democrats gain seats in the House and take over the Senate. It wasn’t even close. Not a single Republican incumbent in the House lost and numerous Democrats, including some big names, are seeking new employment. Republicans won every senate rate with the sole exception of Arizona where Democrats had Mark Kelly, a former Astronaut, on the ballot. In addition, the Republican candidate who I liked, also lost last time.

All of this ignores the obvious. This election is different and evaluating this election is also different. There are some important things that are critical. Many of us believe the results are impossible, without massive fraud. Such fraud could only be achieved by manipulating data from voting machines. If the size of the fraud is as large as we suspect, this would have required manipulating a massive amount of data. What is done is mass can be exposed in mass. The same machines and data used to steal an election can be used to prove an election was stolen.

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood both claim publicly that there is a massive amount of fraud, AND THEY CAN PROVE IT. There are multiple reports of huge teams of IT wizards pouring over the data. There is clear evidence that some of the people who designed the voting machines and who used it to compromise elections in other countries are on the team. So that begs the question: If democrats were able to compromise the system and steal an election, are you certain that they could do this without leaving any evidence. The evidence may not be what you expect. In previous elections, the election was always on individual ballots. But in this case, we don’t even have paper ballots. In some cases, it is hard to track individual ballots at all. What we can do is count ballots mailed out and ballots received. But we can do more than that. We know what votes were counted for what candidate and exactly when they were counted.

Here is why that matters. Think of Half Dome and El Capitan. Both of those were designed by God. They are beautiful, but they are asymmetric. No human is remotely capable of creating either. That means when we see something created by humans, even with the help of computers, it always follows discernible patterns. In this case I believe the Trump team is going to make a compelling case to the Supreme Court that will show patterns that prove massive fraud. What if one and only one candidate consistently gets an unexplained bump in votes, late in the night, by impossible margins. What if the voting machines allegedly used in this process are incapable of processing this number of ballots during the allotted time? What if the data shows the exact same margin, for the same candidate in multiple states, across the country? What if there are multiple reports of poll watchers being obstructed. What if there is evidence of election official deliberately ignoring orders, including from the Supreme Court. What if there is sworn testimony from people who designed the voting software who explain exactly how the data can be manipulated? What if thousands if not millions of people were contacted by telephone and a large number of them say either: I sent in a vote, but it was not counted, or I didn’t send in a ballot yet my vote was still counted.

Now imagine yourself on the Supreme Court. Are you willing to overlook overwhelming evidence of massive fraud and risk this being repeated in every future election? You don’t want to be accused of giving the election to Donald Trump. You also don’t want to give the election to Joe Biden. The only thing certain, is that the ways things look today, this election has zero credibility with at least 70 million people.

What if the Supreme Court rules that it is impossible to determine who really won this election. If there was time, they would order a redo, but there is not enough time. But there is a solution. They can void the results of the election and punt it back to the State Legislatures as required by the constitution.

We will know soon. I believe that Trump’s legal team is preparing to make exactly this kind of argument before the Supreme Court. This is being done by two of the sharpest legal minds in the country. They are only saying enough to indicate they believe they have a strong case, but absolutely zero information on how they obtained the data needed to make the case. They just say it is overwhelming and increasing every day. Sidney Powell described this as drinking out of a fire hose. Lin Wood says he thinks Trump got 80 million votes. They are either naïve, stupid, incompetent, or delusional, or they are right. Anyone want to bet that either Sidney Powell or Lin Wood are delusional. Bad bet.

Sidney Powell says they released the Krakken and we will all soon know exactly what that means. She is certainly right about that. This is either a gigantic hoax designed to save a failed Presidential campaign, or it is the truth.

Get Krakken.


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