The first Presidential debate is over. Democrats will declare Biden the winner. Republicans will declare Trump the winner. The big loser was Chris Wallace who never came close to gaining control of the debate. His theory of giving each guy two minutes uninterrupted with no chance to respond was a disaster. The result was both men talking over each other, with Trump clearly winning the interruption contest.

It would be easy to think Trump lost because he appeared to a bully and he constantly interrupted both Biden and Wallace. But this is not a debate contest, this is a contest to be President of the United States. Regardless of the first impression, people are going to ask who is more capable of being President. Trump won that hands down.

In addition, Biden made some huge gaffes. He flat out lied about Hunter Biden and the $3.5 million from the wife of the Moscow Mayor. That will be fact checked and that will be devastating for Biden. He could have said he didn’t know about it, but instead he chose to say this was discredited. That is a lie. His decision to tell a bald-faced lie about this makes it a huge story.

Also, it was Biden, not Trump, who made this personal. Trump interrupted Biden and told him he was wrong, but he did not personally insult him. Eventually people will understand that. Biden, on the other hand, called Trump a racist and a serial liar.  He even told Trump to shut up. I believe in the end it will be Biden, not Trump who loses on the likeability issue. Trump laughed at Joe. Joe showed hatred, anger, and contempt.

Biden really fell apart when Wallace pressed him on the Green New deal. He also came up short on the law and order issue. Trump scored on the climate change debate. He benefited from the far-left extreme proposals by Biden.

My prediction is that the MSM will declare Biden the winner. They will call Trump’s performance embarrassing. But, as always, they will be wrong. Ironically, Trump did miss some opportunities. On more than one occasions if he had let Biden continue odds are high Joe was about to go off the rails. By interrupting him, Trump actually helped Biden escape situations where he was headed toward serious trouble. But when the dust clears, Trump will have carried the day. The reason is quite simple, when Trump talked about what he did regarding the economy, Covid 19, law and order and the Supreme Court, he was forceful and convincing. Biden never did show that sense of leadership. Instead he resorted to vague slogans slamming Trump while talking about unifying the country.

This reminds me of watching a speech contest. When the professionals watch a speech, they choose a winner based on presentation, grammar, and elocution. But they often miss the true talent. The real winner is the contestant who may not do everything by the books, but who is capable of getting people to pay attention and can change people’s minds. Once such person was Winston Churchill who literally stuttered and often used fractured syntax. But Winston Churchill’s speeches changed the world.

Despite the format, the loss of control by Wallace and the idiot limiting of debate, Trump still dominated that stage. He dominated Wallace, he dominated Biden and odds are he dominated in the hearts and minds of people watching this fiasco. Yes, there will be people who hate Trump because of how he acted. But most of them hated Trump before the debate. That was never the point. The point was could Joe Biden show himself capable of being President of the United States? I am not at all sure he came close to doing that. He did not have a brain freeze and he looked competent. But he did not look like someone capable of being Commander in Chief.


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  1. Spot on Terry as usual. I’ve always felt that I don’t need to like him ( I do), but I really like what he does for our country. Actually what he does for more and more countries.

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