Either Trump or the White House is absolutely losing it, for real, or Durham and Barr about to deliver some serious bombshells. White House Communications Director Dan Scavino posted a tweet that said:


Then today, during his press conference on the White House lawn Trump said the following:

“You know what I did? A big favor.. I caught the swamp, I caught them all. Nobody else could have done that but me. I caught of this corruption that was going on.”


This is either insane, or things are about to pop. Always remember that Trump knows things you do not know. He is either incredibly naïve or stupid, or those trying to impeach him are incredibly naïve and stupid. Actually, I would add incredibly incompetent and desperate.

Who would you fear the most: Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell or John Durham and William Barr? Silly question.

So while Democrats are trying and failing to impeach Trump, Durham and Barr are waiting to pounce. Even if this does not blow up on Democrats, which seems likely, no one can even pretend that any of the DNC candidates are remotely capable of being President. The only reason Biden still does well in the polls is that everyone else is unbelievably bad. No matter how bad Biden does, no matter how many times he stumbles, no matter how many obvious lies he tells, not matter if he is obviously corrupt, no matter if he even starts talking to a wall, they will still chose him because at his worst he is still better than the rest of the class.

In the meantime, if Trump is not insane a lot of people are about to be indicted and this is going to get really ugly.  What makes this worse is that even Republicans smell blood and are moving in for the kill. Republicans are not going to play the game anymore. That is why they just put someone like Jim Jordan on the House Intelligence committee.

When those hearing go public next week, each of these complainers are going to be asked a simple question. Who cares if you do not like Trump’s foreign policy, nobody elected you? He is the one who gets to decide on our foreign policy, not you. If you don’t like it, just leave and don’t let the door hit your but on the way out. They have the advantage of knowing that this is obviously true.

The clock is either ticking and a really big bomb is about to go off, or Trump is actually losing it. The smart money is on orange.


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