There are few things more fun that watching self-righteous and arrogant people self-destruct. This is the time when Democrats should be zeroing in on the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump. But they are rapidly running out of time and odds are they will choose the worst candidate in the worst possible way.

It used to be that the National Conventions chose the candidate for President. That is why Hubert Humphrey, who had never won a single primary on his own, was the nominee in 1968. There was massive outrage and a commission led by George McGovern proposed changes to the rules. The next candidate would be influenced more by the primary elections. It was a brilliant strategy, for George McGovern. But, while he won the nomination in 1972, he left most of the DNC establishment behind and he got hosed by Richard Nixon.

Democrats were even more outraged when Jimmy Carter beat the anointed one, Ted Kennedy. That is when Democrats went all in on super delegates. These were all establishment people who were not heavily influenced by primaries. Bill Clinton only won in 1992 because no one thought George H.W. Bush could be defeated. By the time the Democratic establishment realized this was wrong, it was too late.

When Hillary Clinton ran in 2016, the system was rigged so that she was destined to be the nominee unless someone else ran the tables during the primary elections. Bernie Sanders came perilously close to doing that, but Hillary still coasted to a win. The Democratic establishment rejoiced, until she got hosed by Donald Trump in the general election.

Bernie was pissed and he got DNC rule changes that now require more states to support the winner of their primary with less influence by super delegates. I am sure he planned on running the table, with Hillary safely sitting on the sideline. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum. Joe Biden has a well-earned reputation as a horrible candidate but when he decided to run, he became the front runner because everyone else was so blatantly awful. Bernie slid to third, behind Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren. There are numerous other people who still pretend they are candidates, but their total support would fit in William Ayer’s living room. The last debate had 12 participants. Since Joe Biden is self-destructing and Bernie literally had a heart attack, that left 10. It was the world against Elizabeth Warren. She is the clear leader of the pack, primarily because by picking on her, all the others just proved that she is the one in front.

In the meantime, all of the news is about impeachment. The result is that by the time Democrats get serious about this, it will be January and the Iowa Caucus is scheduled for February 3. By March 8th, it will probably be all over but the shouting. This means, barring an act of God, Elizabeth Warren, will become the candidate by default. There is no chance of Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama or anyone else getting the nomination unless they start their campaign now and are prepared to compete in Iowa. In the meantime all the wanna be candidates are already in Iowa. Kamala Harris said she is moving there. If either Hillary or Michelle parachutes in at the last minute, as a moderate candidate, and steals the nomination, there will be a Democratic civil war. Democrats will have succeeded in alienating the most vocal portion of their base.

In other words, we have little to fear from those who propose idiotic ideas guaranteed to destroy the country, because they used the same brilliance to design a system for choosing a candidate for president. None of the candidates are remotely qualified to be President of the United States. The only one with close to the right experience is Joe Biden, and he is self-destructing. The thought of any of the others actually being the Commander in Chief is mind-blowing. All of them have also embraced ideas that are far left of the American main stream. Then, to create the perfect storm, none of them can get ten seconds of air time, because that is all swallowed up by Donald Trump and people like Adam Schiff trying, and failing, to remove him from office.

Go ahead. Smile. While CNN still believes, the truth is obvious to anyone actually paying attention.


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