Democrats were over the moon. The State Department watchdog requested a closed door briefing on Wednesday regarding urgent information about the Ukraine. They thought they had Mike Pompeo on the ropes. Instead, the IG confronted them with documents they would have preferred to ignore.  Here is the MSNBC report on that meeting:

I knew something went off the rails because there were zero leaks about this meeting. If there had been something damaging to Trump it would have been leaked immediately. Instead, there was silence. Now we know why. The State Department IG delivered a packet of documents regarding Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, U.S. Ambassador Yovanovich and crowd strike. According to Bob Menendez, this:

appear to contain long-debunked theories and false statements about the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine and one of President Trump’s political opponents.” “These documents provide further evidence of a concerted, external effort to conduct a disinformation campaign against a career U.S. ambassador who had been the subject of baseless attacks, including by the President himself.” Eliot Engel, Adam Schiff and Elijah Cummings released a joint statement saying the briefing and documents “raise troubling questions about apparent efforts inside and outside the Trump Administration to target specific individuals.

They tried to dismiss these as an “irrelevant distraction from the matter at hand.

The truth, actually quite obvious, is that Democrats came into this meeting expecting dirt on Trump and were confronted with documentation of misdeeds by Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Ambassador Yovanovich.  Even as recently as yesterday, some in the MSM reported that the IG was disclosing an attempt by Pompeo to intimidate staffers from providing information. Instead, the IG delivered documents gathered by Rudy Giuliani. It would have taken months for Giuliani to get congress to accept these documents. This was the ultimate sting. They stupidly sat on their high chairs like the fools they are and had no choice but to accept the documents they were terrified to receive. There was no attempt to validate or even investigate these documents, they were just immediately dismissed as irrelevant. Congressional representatives managed the impossible. They have lowered their personal credibility to a point below unbelievable.

It gets worse. In addition to lying on national TV, Adam Schiff may have put himself and the whistle blower in legal jeopardy. It is really quite simple. Few things in this government are more classified than a private conversation between a President of the United States and a Foreign chief of state. It was illegal for that whistle blower to release that information to congress or anyone else, other than through very carefully defined channels. It is also illegal for a member of congress to accept classified information that is obtained outside of those channels. That is why Adam Schiff said he didn’t know about this until he got notice from the IG. Now that it has been verified that the whistle blower contacted the intelligence committee directly, outside of approved channels, and they referred him to an attorney to assist in getting this filed properly. This is clear evidence of a very serious crime.

There are signs that even the fawning MSM is sick of this stuff. They still want to destroy Trump, but they are tired of eating crow. It is bad enough when Trump calls them fake news and the corrupt media. It is even worse when Democrats, through stupidity and incompetence, help him make the case. It seems inevitable that while the MSM will still avoid reporting honestly on Trump, they will be equally hesitant to trust anything said by these Democratic congressional representatives. Since the whole plan was to try this in the media, it looks more and more like the entire impeachment boat is blowing up before it was even launched.

There are few things worse than waiting there with bated breath, only to discover that it was actually baited breath and all you get is a whiff of your own bad breath.


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