John Ratcliffe has withdrawn as a candidate to become the next DNI. Trump was getting a lot of push back from Republicans in the Senate. That is too bad, because Ratcliffe is exactly what is required. But this does not mean Trump has backed down. He also refused to let Sue Gordon, the number 2 at the DNI to become acting DNI. Trump probably realized something else. He needs a DNI that Democrats are going to find very difficult to discredit. I predict he will pick someone at least as strong if not stronger than Ratcliffe, only without the baggage. Democrats may rue the day they got Ratcliffe to withdraw.

Trump is almost certainly looking for someone not embedded in the current intelligence community that has impeccable credentials. It is clear he is determined to materially change the culture at the DNI and that is a very good thing.

It is increasingly clear that William Barr and John Durham are pursuing serious criminal charges. The decision regarding whether or not to prosecute James Comey is proof of that. If they were primarily motivated by politics, they would have indicted him. Even if he was acquitted he would have endured an expensive and embarrassing trial. That is exactly what Democrats would have done to a Republican FBI Director under similar circumstances.

But ultimately the decision to base this on the law and facts actually makes them more dangerous. When they do indict people, it is going to be much more difficult for opponents to accuse them of playing politics. That, of course, will not stop Democrats and their lackeys in the MSM from trying. Democrats are always willing to politicize any situation. It is in their DNA.

But ultimately, this will be decided in a court law and if someone is indicted with a serious crime and convicted after a fair trial, everything will change. Those who tried to play the political card will only be embarrassed, assuming they are capable of feeling embarrassed. The vast majority of people will understand.

If you want to see how this plays out, watch “A Few Good Men.” Look for the scene where Jack Nicholson playing Col Nathan R. Jessep learns that he is going to be charged with a crime.

The link is below.

The judge dismissed the jury after Jessep admits that he ordered the Code Red.

Jessep. “What is this? What’s going on? I did my job, I’d do it again. I’m going to get on a plan and go back to my base.”

Judge: “You’re not going anywhere, Colonel. MP’s guard the Colonel.”

At that point Captain Ross, played by Kevin Bacon, reads Jessep his rights.

Jessep. “I’m being charged with a crime? Is that what this is? I’m being charged with a crime? This is funny. That’s what this is. This is..”

Then he lunges at Lieutenant Kaffee, played by Tom Cruise. The only response is by Capt. Ross who asks Jessep if he understands his rights.

Jessep says: “You f@## people…you have no idea how to defend a nation. All you did was weaken a nation today, Kaffee, that is all you did. You put people’s lives in danger. Sweetdreams, son.”

At this point, Jessep is arrested.

We could just possibly see a repeat of this scene. The people who conspired to frame Donald Trump still believe they were the ones protecting the country. They will be shocked to learn that instead, they are going to be charged with a serious crime, possibly treason.

Watch that scene again, and notice something important. Not one single person in that courtroom showed an ounce of support for Jessep. The MP’s physically restrained Jessep when he tried to attack Kaffee. Eventually, even Jessep realized he had no support and he quietly went off with the MP’s. That too will be repeated. If these men are indicted for criminal acts, including the possibility of being charged with treason, they will also discover that the people they thought were friends and supporters are no long around.



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