I know nothing about the Jeffrey Epstein other than what has been reported in the news or online.  However, there are certainly some very interesting questions. So, I decided to just imagine how some people may be viewing this and what actions might be considered.

Imagine you were Bill Clinton or one of the numerous other high-profile individuals who allegedly were participants in Jeffrey Epstein’s party world. Perhaps you flew on the famous Lolita express or visited his little Island in the “Virgin Islands.” Like many extremely wealthy people, you do not believe the restrictions placed on “ordinary” people should apply to someone like you. Jeffrey Epstein used to be a valuable asset, now he is nothing more than a worthless liability.

You wake up one morning and learn that Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested. His attorneys are desperately trying to arrange bail. The last time Epstein was arrested a lot of convenient coincidences resulted in him pleading guilty to a misdemeanor and serving a short prison sentence in what can only be described as an accommodating environment. Like being allowed to leave jail every day for 12 hours to “work.” I am sure no one would suspect that one or more of those “high-profile” individuals may have had some influence on that result.

This time that clearly isn’t going to work. There is just too much publicity and there are hints that the entire story may become public. There are even reports of eyewitness testimony and perhaps, gasp, secret video recordings. There are hints that Jeffrey made a lot of his money by blackmailing people. This is very close to the worst-case scenario.

If you could quietly arrange for him to get another sweetheart deal you would do that. If you could arrange comfortable quarters where Jeffrey would have a strong incentive to shut up, you would do that. If you can get him out on bail you would do that. If you could just prevent this case from getting wide-spread publicity you would do that. But none of those options are on the table.

So, what can you do? Perhaps you can get him temporarily assigned to a local jail. One where the conditions are horrible and where, conveniently, there is no video. What if he was assigned to general population? Perhaps the problem would solve itself. Any scenario where Jeffrey Epstein either exited this planet or suffered an injury that rendered him incapable to testifying would be a good result. Perhaps this would provide strong incentive for Jeffrey to solve the problem himself. If this was the plan, it failed miserably.

Jeffrey Epstein was been found lying in a fetal position on the floor of his cell. He has apparent bruising on his neck. There appear to be no witnesses. There is no mention of video. What genius thought it was a good idea to put him in to the general population at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. Perhaps there was an incentive for someone to make this brilliant choice? He was only moved to protective custody after other inmates threatened him. He is in the Special Housing Unit which is described as “inhumane” including insect and rodent infestation, dirty linen and broken equipment.  All of the information comes from “sources.”

The most miraculous thing about this may be that he survived long enough to be transferred to protective custody. It may be an even bigger miracle that he survived protective custody. Obviously, this level of protective custody is not all that protective.

If the allegations against Epstein are true, then I have zero sympathy for him. These living conditions seem to be about right. However, this story is a little too convenient for a lot of very powerful people. Who knows? But, if someone was  waiting for breaking and convenient news of how Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in the Metropolitan Correctional Center, they are probably very disappointed.

We will probably never know what really happened. We just know that a lot of people are very interested in Jeffrey Epstein and few, if any, are all that concerned about his personal welfare. Some of those people just want to see him receive his just deserts. Others are focused primarily on self-preservation.

All we know is that the problem not only didn’t go away, it got even worse. At this point almost anything seems possible. I wouldn’t even rule out a horrible accident of some kind that kills a lot of prisoners, one of whom just happens to be Jeffrey Epstein. Imagine that.


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