One of my favorite cartoons was a picture of the Lone Ranger and Tonto, huddled down behind a tree stump covered with arrows. The Lone Ranger says:  “well Tonto, this looks like the end.”  Tonto replies saying: “what do you mean white man?” II can’t find that original cartoon so the quotes are probably not 100% accurate, but you get the point.

The Russia collusion investigation has turned a major corner. No longer is anyone, including Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Comey or anyone else pretending that use of that FISA warrant was appropriate. At first they just screamed and yelled in an attempt to scare William Barr. That did not work. Not only did Barr refuse to back down, he hired one of the most dangerous investigators alive to take this on. Now we learn that he has already been on the job for weeks.

The following article by Victor Davis Hanson is excellent:

Trey Gowdy was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo. He said that the FBI informants were wearing wires and there are transcripts of their conversation along with copies of emails, text communications and phone calls. He says he had listened to some of these and while he did not discuss specifics he said they have the potential to “persuade people.”

Sometimes the best way to tell what is happening is to watch how people react. It is particularly important to pay attention to people who actually know what happened. All of the usual suspects have drastically changed behavior over the past week. As I mentioned previously, they are no longer even pretending there is justification for that FISA application. They also are trying desperately to describe this as anything other than spying on a political campaign. They aren’t even trying to justify this because of something Trump did. They are focused finding someone else to blame. While the usual suspects at CNN etc. remain oblivious the smart people recognize a dangerous fire storm when they see it and they are frantically looking for an exit.

This is moving very fast. The next step is likely to be some very entertaining video of people you know being arrested by the FBI. This could look a lot like the incidents with Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. There is obviously something about being handcuffed and read your rights by a heavily armed FBI agent that changes one’s perspective of life. Enjoy!


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