Incredibly the Jusse Smollett scandal just got worse, a lot worse. At best this is a case of monumental stupidity. At worst a botched conspiracy coming off the rails. This is a classic case where truth is far stranger than fiction. The conspiracy theories are incredible. These are not necessarily without merit. It is crucial to check out the time line. This is so bad even NPR is reporting on it. Here is their timetable of events:

  • Jan. 22: Smollett receives threatening letter
  • Jan. 29: Smollett reports getting attacked
  • Feb. 1: Smollett releases first official statement
  • Feb. 13: Smollett speaks to ABC News — the same day “persons of interest” are apprehended
  • Feb. 15: Police investigation takes a turn
  • Feb. 19: Cook County state’s attorney announces recusal
  • Feb. 20: Smollett charged with disorderly conduct
  • Feb. 21: Police explain allegations against Smollett
  • Feb. 22: Smollett’s character removed from episodes of Empire
  • March 7: Grand jury returns 16-count indictment
  • March 26: Prosecutors drop the charges

They left out a couple of things. On February 14, 2019, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Tim Scott introduced an Anti-Lynching bill. There actually have been no known lynchings for a long time. I believe the last one was in 1986. So why the rush? This bill added a new definition to lynching to include attacks based upon the gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability of any person. Sound familiar? This was already a hate crime. With this new legislation, if two or more people are involved it is a “lynching”. Was it a coincidence that Jusse Smollett tied a rope around his neck?

How convenient for Kamala Harris that the famous Jusse Smollett interview on ABC was conducted on February 13th, just before this legislation was introduced. Who could deny the need for this legislation in view of what happened to Jusse Smollett. Another incredible coincidence. It is entirely plausible that two white guys wearing MAGA hats were lurking on the streets of Chicago during -10 degree weather just hoping a gay actor would happen by. To anyone with an ounce of objectivity this looked like a hoax from day one. To CNN, it was the crime of the century.

Democrats were desperate to do something, because it was Trump who got criminal justice reform passed. If this was a conspiracy, it wouldn’t be exactly the first time Democrats did something like this. Obama and Hillary Clinton had, falsely, claimed that a majority of guns used in Mexico came from the U.S. That was obviously not true, because Mexican police weren’t finding American guns in Mexico. In another remarkable coincidence Fast & Furious fixed that problem. ATF officers looked the other way so guns could actually be transferred from the U.S. to Mexico. They were predictably used to commit crime and a U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed by one of these guns.

The Obama administration did a big “I told you so.” This was supported by Attorney General Eric Holder, who lied to congress about it. His lie was so obvious that on June 28, 2012 the House voted to cite Eric Holder for Contempt of Congress. The vote was 255 to 67 with 108 Democrats abstaining. They didn’t dare vote against it, because it was so obviously true, so they stormed off the floor in protest against, you guessed it, the NRA. Incredibly it was so bad that 17 Democrats voted with the Republicans.

We do not know what happened here and unlike liberals we do not want to make accusations without any supporting evidence. We just point out the obvious. Smollett made a false, patently absurd, allegation of a hate crime. The liberal media and the usual suspects immediately seized the day for political advantage. Then they were shocked to learn that it was not only a hoax, Smollett was beyond sloppy and left a trail of evidence. This was so bad that he was charged with 16 felonies. No one even pretended to believe him. Something had to be done!

The head of the Cook Country State Attorney’s office is Karen Foxx, who was receiving texts from Michelle Obama’s former Chief of Staff asking her to do something. When this was pointed out, she said she would recuse herself. But, if she did that she would have had to appoint a Special Prosecutor. So she didn’t actually recuse herself, she let her chief deputy announce that charges had been dropped and the file wiped clean. This same deputy gave a statement admitting he knew Smollett was lying. This stunk so bad that the Chicago Police Chief went crazy and even Rahm Emanuel stood up there and supported him. It was an easy decision, when you think about it. Rahm could either call Jusse Smollett a liar or he could call his his own police chief a liar. Even Emanuel is too smart to get that decision wrong.

I am sure there is an innocent explanation for this and if you tune into Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon tonight you will learn all about it. Some people may actually believe it. Most people won’t. Fewer will buy it today than yesterday. Fewer still tomorrow. Virtually no one will buy this nonsense by this time next week, with an exception for some current cast members of Empire and Mark Geragos.

But what about that Russian collusion?


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