Democrats and their puppets in the MSM will never get over the 2016 election. Their plan is solely to resist and obstruct Donald Trump from being successful. They are blinded by hatred. We have had other Presidents who were despised by the media, almost every Republican President has experienced some level of this. But, previously there was still respect for the office and particularly for the duty of the President to protect us. That has all changed. Neither Democrats nor the MSM care about national security. They don’t care if Trump is obstructed from defending us, in fact they would probably welcome such failure. They are willing to pay any price, or I should say willing to let the nation pay any price, to destroy Donald Trump.

This, sadly, is not the first time Democrats have deliberately sabatoged national security. When Richard Nixon was elected in 1968, Democrats responded by cutting off all funds for continuing the air war over North Vietnam. In spite of this restriction, Nixon beat the North Vietnamese in Vietnam. The final blow was when Nixon defied congress and sent B52s over North Vietnam. Our POWs describe hearing the B52 raids and cheering because they knew the war would be OVER. The North Vietnamese quickly folded and signed a peace treaty.

Democrats hounded Nixon out of office. When he was replaced by Gerald R. Ford, Democrats refused to fund the war at all. They even refused to provide funds so South Vietnam could defend itself. They tossed all the sacrifices by those who fought and died in Vietnam onto the scrap heap of history. Then, they literally celebrated our humiliating defeat as if this was some great accomplishment.

They clearly have not learned a thing. Consider the absurdity of this. Donald Trump was standing there next to Kim Jong-un. They were meeting to try and negotiate a settlement that could prevent nuclear war. Jim Acosta, was a White House reporter privileged to travel to Hanoi to report on this event. But he was standing there with his panties all in a wad because Trump did not allow him to ask a question. The question Acosta had prepared was not about North Korea, it was not about preventing nuclear war. Those subjects did not matter to Acosta. He was there to ask Trump an embarrassing question about the idiotic Michael Cohen hearings. He was waiting breathlessly for the chance to obstruct Trump from literally saving the world. He must be very proud.

It finally looks like Trump is preparing to fight back. His tweet yesterday was a shot across the bow of the Democratic ship of state:

“For the Democrats to interview in open hearings a convicted liar & fraudster, at the same time as the very important Nuclear Summit with North Korea, is perhaps a new low in American politics and may have contributed to the ‘walk,’ ” he tweeted. “Never done when a president is overseas. Shame!”

Trump has said that he has classified documents that will be very embarrassing for Democrats. He chose not to declassify them because he wanted to save them for later when their release could have more of an impact. Always remember Trump knows things you don’t know and he also knows things Democrats don’t know.

None of us know all the facts. We do know some things. All of the known facts point more toward collusion with Russia by the Hillary Clinton campaign than to collusion with Russia by the Trump campaign. The allegations of collusion with Russia by the Trump campaign border on absurd. As for allegations of corruption, the Clinton’s invented that game.

It is absurd to think that Donald Trump only won because of Russia. It is far from certain that it was Russian who hacked the DNC servers. Even if that was true, the DNC knew their servers had been hacked, by someone, and they did nothing. This was a self-inflicted wound. It is not a question of who hacked the DNC servers but rather who didn’t hack them. The security was so pathetic that anyone who tried to hack those servers almost certainly succeeded. At least some people think it was an inside job, primarily because of the speed at which the data was downloaded.

Democrats just issued 81 subpoenas. That means at least 81 attorneys are already working on a response. At least some, if not most of them, will challenge congress with regard to the justification for the subpoena. Here is the easiest prediction on the planet. There is zero chance all or even a high percentage of these people will testify before the summer of 2020. That will be in the heart of the Presidential election. Those who do testify, will only exonerate Trump. If there is actually anything to hide, it will stay hidden. Probably the worse case for Trump is people refusing to testify and taking the 5th. If the goal is actually to remove Trump from office, this definitely won’t work. It appears to be solely designed to influence the 2020 election.

Unless the majority of Americans are as blind, dumb and stupid as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a lot of people have to be thoroughly disgusted with this charade. I am beyond disgusted. It frankly is so bad that it influences my opinion of people who admit to being Democrats. Seriously? A difference of opinion, always. Deliberately sabotaging National Security, not so much.

It is increasingly clear that the leaders in the Democratic Party stand for nothing, believe in nothing and are willing to embrace the absurd in a desperate lust to remove Donald Trump from office. They only want raw power, at any price. They don’t even have a clue with regard to what they would do with such power. That is why so many jumped on the Green Deal bandwagon, it was the only bandwagon in sight.

What they are missing is that everything they do only makes Donald Trump seem larger than life. Every conversation starts and ends with Donald Trump. Not one single Democratic candidate for President can begin to measure up to Trump. Earth to liberals, if every conversation starts and ends with Donald Trump, he is the one dominating the conversation. Duh! If this continues, they will only succeed in guaranteeing his re-election.

I for one am interested in someone organizing a nationwide protest. This would be similar to the Tea Party protests. Little was said, but a lot of people showed up to show their disgust. In 1860, the Wide Awakes organized protests where absolutely nothing was said. Yet these protests spoke volumes Ultimately, they were an important factor in the election of Abraham Lincoln.

The truth is nothing need be said. Democrats and their puppets in the MSM are shredding their credibility on a daily basis. The best response to them is stony silence. That would be sending a really clear message: “When you have something to say, let us know. Until then, nothing you say matters to us.


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