If Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi score a huge political win over Donald Trump, it may prove to be a very short term and catastrophic victory. There are already reports of a new caravan with more than 15,000 people forming in Honduras. If Trump is forced to give up on constructing a barrier on our Southern Border, the problem will become much worse and it will create enormous problems. I suspect both Schumer and Pelosi know that. The plan is to probably to publicly humiliate Trump, but behind the scenes to secretly support protecting our border. The problem is that if the President of the United States is viewed as weak and impotent, it endangers all of us. This will not be limited to our southern border. Our enemies all over the world will be emboldened to attack us.

If you think this is a reach, go back and look at the way a Democratic congress handled things following the resignation of Richard Nixon. Nixon won the war and North Vietnam signed a peace treaty. But when Nixon was removed from office, the Democratic controlled congress cut off all funds for the war and refused even to allow South Vietnam to purchase the military weapons and supplies necessary to defend itself. President Ford begged congress to change course, but they ignored him, and our country endured a humiliating defeat.

The speed at which this happened was shocking. Nixon was forced to resign on August 8, 1974. North Vietnam immediately realized that the U.S. was vulnerable and by December of 1974 North Vietnamese Communist Party Secretary Le Duan developed a two-year plan for the “liberation” of South Vietnam. In reality, it only took 55 days. On April 23, 1975, President Ford announced to students at Tulane University that as far as American participation was concerned the war was over.  The students cheered joyfully. On April 30, Saigon fell, and the last American personnel were evacuated. The liberal left was too busy rejoicing to give any consideration to the millions of people who were slaughtered as a result of their “victory.”

If Democrat succeed in humiliating President Trump, with regard to what he considers to be a grave threat to national security, we may see similar results all over the world. The problem will not be limited to our southern border. Imagine this country facing grave threats, all over the world, in the Ukraine, the South China Sea, North Korea and Iran. Now imagine a committee, lead by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Dick Durban developing an effective strategy for dealing with these threats. A strategy that will take weeks, if not months to develop and which will always be a day late and a dollar short.  Be very, very afraid.


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