The truth about the California elections is becoming more obvious and it is a very ugly picture. Everyone who lives in California already knows that no ID is required to vote. You just tell them where you live and then you sign in a register. It does not appear that anyone bothers to check anything. Now you don’t have to vote in person at all, you must mail it in.  That was bad enough, but in 2016 Governor Brown signed legislation making voter fraud inevitable. Previously a mail order ballot could only be picked up by a relative or someone living in the home. This new law changed that so anyone, even paid political campaign workers can collect and return ballots.

Teams of people showed up at every home where they considered it likely the person would vote for Democrat. They then “helped” them with the ballot and graciously offered to bring it to the voting station. Democrats actually brag about this. They call it ballot harvesting. The Republicans not only did not do this, they apparently didn’t realize that Democrats were doing this.

This is why several Republicans were leading by comfortable margins on election night, but they all eventually lost due to late arriving ballots. Ballots delivered by people with a clear partisan agenda. Democrats admit the bias:

We were not wasting time talking to people who weren’t going to vote for Democrats.”

Even if they did pick up a ballot from someone like to vote Republican, do you really trust them to make sure that ballot was delivered?  Please! So much for every vote counting. Democrats are only interested in counting votes for Democrats.

There is no dispute that the late arrival ballots went hugely Democratic. We already know that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are registered to vote. California has made no attempt to reconcile voter registration records with federal databases verifying citizenship.  It would be naïve to think that illegal aliens did not vote, and odds are some Democratic operative were encouraging them to vote.

There doesn’t even appear to be have been any effort to verify that the person signing the ballot was the same as the registered voter. When we voted the people operating the polling station just glanced at the envelop and said to be sure to sign it. They didn’t even ask who we were. They didn’t ask where we lived. They didn’t even ask if our name was on the voter envelope. They didn’t ask if this was out ballot. They didn’t check anything. The only thing they said was to be sure the envelope was signed, by someone.

No one cross referenced anything and we personally observed a lot of people just dropping ballots into the box without any scrutiny at all.  There were drop off boxes all over the place where anyone, and I do mean anyone, can just drop a ballot in the box and leave.

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote about this but failed to even consider the possibility that this could result in voter fraud. Instead they seemed focused on praising Democrats for a great ground game and laughing at Republicans for being oblivious. They have a point about the stupidity of the Republican party but the callous disregard for the integrity of the system is appalling.


This legislation passed solely on partisan lines. Democrats seized the day, Republicans ignored the obvious. In Orange County alone 250,000 ballots were dropped off on election day.  The Chronicle admits that almost all of the late voters went Democratic.

Naturally the Republican party is once again determined to learn the wrong lesson from disaster. The only solution is to demand reform that restores integrity to the voting system and prevents systemic fraud. Instead consultants are recommending that “Republicans find a way to match this.” Seriously, “the solution to combating voter fraud is to become better than Democrats at stealing elections?” If Republicans really believe that, they deserve to lose.

Republicans should be demanding an audit of the entire 2016 election, and serious election reform. Every poll shows that both Democrats and Republicans want fair and honest elections. It is only the leaders in the Democrat Party who resist this enabled by the pathetic Republican leadership incapable of pointing out the obvious.

If this continues, Democrats will win every election. Hell, in California, they are already winning  every election. If you want to see what this looks like, move to Chicago, register as a Republican and try running for office.  Good luck with that.

This problem was more than predictable, which is why Democrats passed the law in the first place. Is this really a surprise? If the Republican leadership was really caught by surprise, they should all be fired for incompetence. The Democratic Party in California is hopelessly corrupt, but at least they are competent at playing the game. Republicans didn’t even know what game was being played.

As I wrote earlier, this may (should) have been the Democrats last chance to steal an election, including in California. The new “Real ID” law is going to create a searchable database that should make the next election far easier to regulate. If every other state, Republicans are leading the way toward voter ID and election reform. But here in the Golden State, the Republican party is hopelessly inept. This election is so obviously corrupt that people all over the country have noticed. The only ones not getting the message are those pretending to lead the California Republican Party. They are too busy trying to enlarge the Republican tent to realize that Democrats are driving past that tent with boxes of illegal ballots laughing all the way to the ballot box.


2 thoughts on “HARVEST OF SHAME

  1. “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Stalin

  2. This is both an overt and subtle mechanism towards a dictatorship in the crafting by the Democratic party and its constituency. The emergence of ‘brown shirted and black leather jackbooted’ followers are already here, camouflaged and masked the masses of the blind and egalitarian leftist supporters. I’d wager when their evil is revealed they will cry innocence at being blinded by the false leadership they embrace. History repeats itself.

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