I watched the press conference today regarding the pipe bombs and a few things are obvious.

The FBI was extremely careful in the way it described these devices. This was a classic non-denial denial. They were asked if these were destructive devices capable of exploding. The answer was that the protocol is to treat these types of devices as suspect and to act accordingly. Then they said the FBI was following protocol.

They also added that the white power they found was not biological. That means it was not a threat.

They were asked if they had exploded any of the devices and they did not answer. They basically said all of these were transported to Quantico.

I suspect the FBI withheld information because they are closing in on a suspect. They may even have someone under surveillance. The last thing they want to do is let this person know they are on to him.

They are also doing the smart thing by warning people to be cautious, because there is no guarantee that all of the “bombs” will be duds.

In the meantime, the liberal left had better hope and pray this isn’t a false flag operation. There have been numerous recent cases where people have run these kinds of operations. Following is just one recent example:

Perhaps we will find this was done by some right-wing nut case who really wanted to hurt Democrats, but the timing of this sure smells like a false flag op. It is just so obvious and the people chosen are a little too convenient. None of these bombs went off. It is not even clear they represented a real threat. We are either dealing with someone really stupid or this is just a poorly executed hoax.

Democrats have over-played their hand. Regardless of who did this, if the conversation is about civility and inflamatory rhetoric, this is more likely to help Republicans than hurt them. When CNN starts demanding honest reporting and civility it is increasingly difficult to control the giggle reflex.


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