The audio tape played by Lanny Davis on behalf of Michael Cohen is shocking. But not for the reasons anyone expected.The real shock was to liberals who were confronted with the reality that in a private conversation Donald Trump sounds absolutely normal and rational:

The liberal left and RINO Republicans were too focused on the public performances by Donald Trump to realize they were “public performances.“ Trump knows how to work a room. He, like Ronald Reagan, is an actor. There is a reason he was wildly successful with Celebrity Apprentice. Yet somehow the MSM assumed that Trump was not capable of carrying on an ordinary conversation. Apparently they were unable to distinguish between the actor and the executive.  The author is shocked to report:

“No, on this tape we hear a little bit of a methodical and controlled candidate who is trying to figure out how to handle a potential problem in his campaign — how to kill an embarrassing story. He listens, absorbs and responds. He knows what is going on, and he wants a workable plan.”

The author suddenly realizes, with horror, that both friends and foes have continually underestimated Trump. He now realizes that the man who built a billion dollar business is actually a competent executive. Talk about being fooled by your own delusions?

He even admits that:

“The tape allows us to hear a Trump who has a game plan that will allow him to pursue policy initiatives that matter to him and control and direct the media narrative about his presidency — all the while working toward re-election in 2020. Whether it works is an unknown, but there is a plan.”

He also admits that the liberal left made similar mistakes regarding both Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.  Notice the pattern here? It is astonishing to realize that anyone would underestimate the man who personally ordered the D Day invasion. It is easier to understand why a lot of people underestimated Ronald Reagan. Liberals have always assumed they are the brightest people in the room and they are always stunned to learn that some really smart people disagree with them. In addition to constantly underestimating their opponents, liberals have a hard time learning from their mistakes. It is harder to learn from your mistakes if you are too stupid to realize you were wrong in the first place.

I don’t know which is more amusing. That the liberal left could have so completely underestimated Donald Trump, or the panic they must be feeling now when they realize the price they will pay for this miscalculation.


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