The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree:

If the evidential tree: is tainted, so is its fruit.”

One thing that should have sent shock waves through the media is the fact that Horowitz admitted that he was investigating whether or not the obvious bias by Peter Strzok impacted the decision to start the Russian collusion investigation:

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., questioned Horowitz on whether that apparent bias influenced the initiation of the investigation into Russia interference in the 2016 campaign and potential collusion with Trump’s team. 

“That’s a matter we’ve got under review and are looking at right now,” Horowitz said.”

Peter Strzok was front and center of both the Hillary e-mail investigation and the Russia collusion investigation. His text messages are a case study in bias. Horowitz sees this as well, which is why this is being investigated. This is beyond serious. Once could argue that the entire Russia collusion investigation and the subsequent Mueller investigation was the fruit of the poisonous tree. This is why the FBI was so desperate to fabricate a good reason to spy on a Presidential campaign. It is why they tried to pretend the discredited Russia Dossier was an insignificant factor in obtaining a FISA warrant on Carter Page. So far, all of the theories for why the FBI started this investigation are falling apart under scrutiny. We are left with Peter Strzok.  The same Peter Strzok who was promising his mistress he would stop Donald Trump from becoming President.

There is more. Republicans in the House, with the support of Paul Ryan, received documents the FBI clearly did not want to produce:

Some of these documents are allegedly regarding whether or not 302 forms were altered in the Michael Flynn case. I previously wrote about the significance of these forms:

One, Two Three oh Two

Many assume the FBI was covering this up because they didn’t want the embarrassment. The FBI said it didn’t want to release these documents because it might impact an ongoing criminal investigation. Both could be true. If an altered 302 was used in a criminal case, that could have a negative impact on a lot of unrelated criminal cases were a 302 document was crucial to the prosecution. In any event the Republicans finally put enough pressure on the FBI to get these documents produced. This may be an even bigger story than anyone realizes.


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