Let’s be blunt here. Democrats have been stealing elections since day one. Anyone who doubts this need only research the history of Tammany Hall in New York. The only Republican political machine I could find was in Philadelphia and that turned Democratic when Joe Clark was elected in 1952. Historically it has been nearly impossible for anyone other than a machine candidate to win a local election in a major metropolitican area. Jane Byrne, also a Democrat, beat Chicago Mayor Michael A. Bilandic in 1979, primarily because he couldn’t get the snow plowed after a major storm. She lasted one term before she was beat by Harold Washington. She was actually part of the Democratic machine herself, having served as co-chairperson of the Cook County Democratic Central Committee under Richard J. Daley. She was only removed when Daley died in 1976. His son, Richard M. Daley was mayor of Chicago from 1989 to 2011.

Democrats were shocked when a Republican replaced Anthony Weiner because they knew the name, address and voting history of every voter in the district. Robert Turner won, primarily because Democrats ran a terrible candidate. He only served one term and was replaced by, gasp, another Democrat. I read a contemporary report saying that every registered voter in the district received a personal visit by someone with the machine who helped them understand how to vote. In some cases, very nice people even help individuals fill out their ballot and then offer to deliver it for them. If an election is close, the machine can always find enough extra votes to push their candidate over the edge. Al Frankin won the Minnesota Senate race when miraculously a couple of hundred votes surfaced at the last minute. Conveniently the margin of victory was pretty close to the number of convicted felons conveniently allowed to vote.

This is why Donald Trump set up the independent voting commission. It is also why he just dissolved it. The problem with the commission is that it was intended to be a bi-partisan effort to identify and correct voter fraud. It soon became obvious that Democrats have zero intention of cooperating. Instead they did everything possible to obstruct things. One of the Democrats on the commission sued the commission.  Trump disolved the commission and turned it over to Homeland Security.

Democrats missed something really big. The U.S. Department of Homeland Secruity (“DHS”) includes: The U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, The U.S. Immigration and Customers Enforcement, The U.S. Secrety Servie, the Transportation Security Agency, the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Citzenship and Immigration Services.

The reason the voting commission failed was that it was blocked from obtaining the documentation it required. Well, guess what folks, DHS not only has the authority to demand the data, it already has much of the data. Democrats are too busy rejoicing to realize that instead of ending the hunt, Donald Trump just turned it over to a real professional who already has access to all the guns and ammunition needed. By the way, states have been sending voting records to Homeland Security for years.

This time there will be no public hearings. Most of the investigation will be done in secrecy. In many cases no one will even realize what data is being accessed. Kris Kobach, who was a central figure in the Commission on Election Integrity did not criticize the decision by Trump, he praised it. He said this was not a change in mission, it was a change in tactics. It appears as though Democrats only succeeded in talking themselves out of a seat at the table.


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