Both Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton self-destructed on national TV this week.  It is unlikely that either can even hope to recover.

It was hard to imagine anything more stupid than Kathy Griffin posing with Donald Trump’s severed head covered with blood.  Yet she accomplished the impossible with her press conference today.  She literally tried to blame this on the Trump family for “overreacting.”  No one is buying that.  Even Al Franken threw her overboard.  This press conference was so bad I suspect the Secret Service will be meeting with her to discuss a few things.   I don’t think Kathy Griffin is a serious threat to Donald Trump or anyone else, but she is certainly a threat to Kathy Griffin.

Then there was the meltdown by Hillary Clinton.  They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  That has never been more true than in regard to Hillary Clinton.  If she had just stayed home and shut up, the liberal left would still be fawning over her.  But when she tried to explain how Russia stole the election she just exposed this as delusional nonsense.  John King literally laughed about Russia covering up Wisconsin so Hillary couldn’t campaign there.

Hillary has done something Trump could not do.  She has blown up the Russia collusion conspiracy theory.

Kathy Griffin is beyond gone.  Hillary Clinton showed the entire world her true self and it is beyond obvious that the primary reason Hillary Clinton lost that election is that she is Hillary Clinton.  She is a lonely and bitter woman destined to spend the rest of her bleak future crying in her beer wondering why fewer and fewer people give a damn.  Trump doesn’t need to put her in jail, she is already imprisoned by her own delusions.


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